About me:

I was born in Umeå in Västerbotten, Sweden, and moved during childhood stepwise to Skåne in the south, and at last back to just below the middle of Sweden where I still live. I am educated both as piano-pedagogue and church-musician and have a full time employment as piano-pedagogue. Church-music is side work. I am interested in a lot of things and will blog about things I read, psychology, society, history, nature, my work too hopefully, and my everyday life… And both in Swedish and English.

About this blog:

In this blog I want to explore the effects of childhood experiences on individual lives, the health (not only the emotional/psychological, but also, and not least, the bodily/somatic), the society, why people seek themselves to power positions, the effect of childhood on politics.

With the ideas that imbue Alice Miller’s work and writing.

And sometimes just share things I have read and come across and agree with and couldn’t have said better myself.

I work full time with young people since many years, as teacher in music (piano pedagogue), and am interested in these things, both privately/personally and professionally.

But my time is limited to write and blog, even if it probably doesn’t look so.

I will devote myself to loud thinking a lot here I think. And this blog is also a way for me to collect texts, facts, links, sites I want to save for further use maybe.


§ 2 Responses to About

  • joey says:

    i found your blog searching for people appreciating alice miller.

    how do you deal with religion (as i read you are somehow engaged in church music) and the claim of alice miller, that any cult (religious/ political or any other believe- system) is actually a way NOT to face the truth of ones own childhood reality…
    as i were brought up religious/ spiritual i find it very hard to figure out, if this is a burden or if i have to find a better way to use the “benefits” of a believe as my family does… but with perspective of alice miller, my whole famlily would be great deniers of real emotions…
    what is true?
    there is still so less people daring to really look at that honestly
    greets from always doubting j.

  • k says:

    I have a lot going on in my work, but here some loud thoughts:

    Here in Sweden the church is quite secular. It’s not as in the US… And I’m not especially “churchy”.

    I think the more rigid your belief systems are the less prone you are to face truths about yourself – and about your childhood. The less rigid the healthier.

    Some facts about my country:

    Here in Sweden we’ve had a ban on corporal punishment (even in homes) since 1979. But already 1966 it was prohibited, but not yet written in any laws. http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aga#Sverige

    1958 it was prohibited in the schools: http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skolaga#Sverige

    Everybody should fight for this. It would contribute to a healthier population.

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