Apropos the bomb in Oslo and shootings at Utøya…

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“One wants to be loved, in lack thereof admired, in lack thereof feared, in lack thereof loathed and despised. One wants to instill some sort of emotion in people. The soul shivers before emptiness and wants contact at any price.” (From Doctor Glas)

Guardian on the shootings.

On right-wing political commentator Glenn Beck:

“Controversial right-wing political commentator Glenn Beck has come under further criticism after likening the victims of last weeks Utoya shootings to ‘Hitler youth.’/…/

‘There was a shooting at a political camp, which sounds a little like, you know, the Hitler youth. I mean, who does a camp for kids that’s all about politics?’ said Beck. ‘Disturbing.’/…/

While he finds the idea of kids attending a politically-charged camp ‘disturbing’, this summer has seen the launch of several ‘Tea Party camps‘ by the 9/12 Project, started by Glenn Beck.”

The camp in Norway was for young people in ages 14-20 and Beck’s camp is for kids 8-12. Isn’t that quite a big difference?

Alice Miller on mistreated kids and on hatred.

Addition: but possibly having been misterated early in life is no excuse for what the offender did (or for what any offender does), it’s only an explanation, and we could learn from this: prevent things from happening in the future by treating our kids with deepest respect, understand ourselves as individuals and as a human species better, so we live better lives and don’t pass on what we experienced on those weaker than we are, and treat the ones that are harmed more efficiently.

See Alice Miller’s essay “Adolf Hitler: How Could a Monster Succeed In Blinding a Nation?” and “The Childhood Origins of Terrorism” at nospank.net. And as Jordan Riak says:

The truth about abusive child rearing and all its ugly, dangerous social fallout needs to be reported frankly and unapologetically. // Sanningen om misshandlande barnuppfostran och alla dess fula, farliga biverkningar behöver frankt redogöras för utan att man ber om ursäkt för det.”

But all don’t become criminals or killers, because they must have had someone there early who to some extent could help the child question what it had been exposed to, that the child didn’t deserve this treatment for his/her own good.


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