Behavioral methods practicable again…

June 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

from the movie Hets.

In the article, “Behavioral Methods Practicable Again”, a Swedish journalist questions the effects of those courses of actions on children — aside from teaching children to behave “well.”

Parts of these programs are at risk of being abusive, she writes. She thinks a side effect (and a really negative one in my opinion) can be that children will be taught that it’s okay to violate/abuse other people if you are the one with more power.

She points out that behavioristic methods teach children nothing more than obedience, and for no better reasons than simply to get rewards and avoid punishments. The good behavior therefore is merely cosmetic and not anchored in honest values. What happens if the child later lands in a situation in which an authority encourages violence and harassment toward others, she asks? Or in a power position for that matter, with no insight into what bullying does to people’s self-esteem?

She writes about the effects of unreflected submission and the concept thatmight makes right.”

Self-fulfilling stupidities!

As much as I’m glad to read such opinions, I’m a bit bothered that she isn’t stronger. As if she is still under the spell of not displeasing her readers, of not rocking the boat too terribly much.*

See earlier posting “Positive” discipline – what is that? Why is it needed? For what?”               

* Lucienne X. Lombardo has written about Alice Miller and the fourth commandment (fifth commandment in some religions**) in the review “Some observations of Alice Miller’s The Body never Lies” which he ends with:

Parents should honor and empower their children, so that they, their children and their children’s children will live their own truths over long and authentic lives!

Then what would pass from generation to generation would be ‘real love’ and attachment based on the truth of experience rather than the façade of love based on guilt and attachment based on a morality of domination and control. Power would not mean, ‘to dominate and control’, it would mean, ‘to empower’. If we could apply to our own lives the understanding of the meaning of childhood experience that Alice Miller provides in The Body Never Lies, the personal, relational and political health of ourselves, our children, and all with whom we come in contact can be improved.”

**”Honor your father and your mother, as the LORD your God commanded you, so that your days may be long and that it may go well with you in the land that the LORD your God is giving you.”


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