Obey and keep quiet…

October 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

And here and here are two more videos about Summerhill schools.

Three Swedish politicians are writing in the debate-article “We are believing in legimitization for teachers” today that the biggest problem in school today is the lack of structure and peace and quiet “so that we can work.” One of the remedies for this is teachers’ authorization they mean. See about authoritarianism.

I would say that a bigger and bigger inequality rather is causing problems both in school and society. Tension and insecurity, insecurity at home, unstable home situations for children, which affect school achievements and education.

They think that this is one of (more important?) cures for an decreasing social mobility in Sweden; more structure and peace and quiet would benefit children coming from families with little or no experiences of studies. Which would come from an authorization of teachers?

Is this really the best remedy?

Children shall learn to obey and keep quiet? They shall not think themselves, but believe and look up to authorities? Not call things in question?

They are writing that they think that a well-informed and skilful teacher who helps the student to get knowledge and abilities – even if this means that the student has to follow his/her teacher’s instructions – is serving the student more than a teacher who in the name of equality lets the student have too free hands.

About knowledge; see the artice (in Swedish) “Polarized knowledge-discussions”. And here is an article about tighter reins in school. Also see the blogposting “Here you have a stone.”

Do we have to earn freedom? Are some people more worthy freedom and others less?

An investigation over the free school choices the last twenty years in Sweden has shown that the gaps between students from different backgrounds have widened. What are the effects of this on the achievements and behaviors in school?

Maybe we should do something about the inequality instead?

Is this the (main) reason for authorization of teachers?

See Silber in his essay “The Roots of Horror: The Demand for Obedience”.

We shall learn to obey and keep quiet!?

Also see his essayInstilling Obedience and Denial, Continued”:

“Another story about one of the U.S. soldiers involved in the Iraqi prison abuse story, and how he came from a military family and ‘knows how to follow instructions.’”

And also “From Mild Smacking to Outright Torture and War: The Lie of ‘Well-Intentioned Violence'”:

“Some news stories that show how our society commonly accepts violence, and even brutal sadism, toward children. I also examine again the dynamics of the denial in which most adults engage, and I excerpt Miller’s article, ‘Why Every Smack Is A Humiliation.’”

Andrew Vachss is writing that

“…emotional abuse can lead, in adulthood, to addiction, rage, a severely damaged sense of self, and an inability to truly bond with others.”

The homesite of John Pilger.


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